11. April, 2006 - no pictures

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Twin Cities. And it was made even better by a power outage at work about 4pm which sent me home a bit early. Came home to a temperature of 79 degrees in the back yard, and did a little more chopping apart of the brick-like black dirt left after last year’s sidewalk work, putting down some grass seed, and hauling out the hose to water it. I also noticed that some of the seed put down last fall has started to poke through the surface, so I have high hopes for having healthy grass there. Of course I’ll be complaining about having to mow it in a month or two, but for now it feels nice.

I’ve decided to take a day or two off from the posting of pictures. With the nice weather predicted for this week (including a chance for thunderstorms — maybe I’ll get a chance to do some lightning photography), I’m going to try and spend more time outside in the evening rather than post-processing up photographs for the website. If this bothers you greatly, you could always drop a note which might encourage me a bit.

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