10. April, 2006 - the cycle begins

Another weekend come and gone. Pretty darned nice weather, and they say it’s going to be around 70 outside today, too. Almost makes a guy wish he had some time off accumulated, but he doesn’t, and it appears he won’t anytime soon, either. This is the part of the year when I suspect the change to a full-time job will hit me hardest. There’s a lot of things I want to be doing outside this time of year, and just not enough hours to do them.

That said, I did get ouside enough to sunburn my forehead a bit over the weekend. Saturday I headed out to Peter’s Billiards to pick up the last two chairs to complete the setup around my dining-room / poker table. For the past couple years, I’ve had only four chairs for a six-person table, which meant pressing others into service. It worked, but this way is better, and I needed something to spend my tax-return on. After that, I spent a couple hours out in the yard. I cleaned all the dead vegetation out of the garden and from along the side of the garage. The result was two trash bags of “yard waste” and another six inches of stuff in the compost bin (which got a good stirring), which needs watering so it’ll be moist enough to start going again for the year. I also loosened some of the bare dirt left over from last fall’s sidewalk project and threw some grass seed into it. Didn’t water it, since I figure we’ll get rain soon enough, and maybe I’ll get some more done before that rain hits. That and the garden hose is currently somewhere in the basement.

Horse Detail 3
Horse Detail 3

Sunday I headed over to the Summit Brewery to pick up my Saints season tickets for the year. I’m a little unhappy with the schedule, since they’re doing things like having a Saturday night game on the 6th of May (which is awfully early in the year for a night game, especially on a weekend when folks could go to the game during the day), but generally the schedule looks good, and it was nice seeing the other fans again.

Carousel Roof
Carousel Roof

The pictures. These are the last of the carousel pictures that I had meant to post last Friday. There’s another detail of a horse’s head, and a picture showing the interior of the roof of the carousel. The latter shows the big bearing on top that carries the weight of the whole thing. The carousel is entirely suspended and that black thing where all the cables converge holds up everything. Kinda cool, actually, though I don’t think the picture does it justice.

And I think that’s going to do it for today. It’s time for me to look through the bills, write a few checks, and then get off to work for the week. Wish me well.

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