6. April, 2006 - back to work

I’m still not feeling 100%, but today it’s time to get back in to work. Not sure what the day will hold, but I’m suspecting that a large part of it will be dealing with email from the days I took off. Wish me luck.

The Makers
The Makers

I’m winding down on the carousel photos. Today there’s a picture of the plaque showing who made the carousel. Wikipedia has an article on the company, saying that The company’s carousels were preferred among discriminating clients, for their elaborate carvings and elegant decorations. Cool.

Loaded for Bear
Loaded for Bear

Then there’s the horse with the rifle (is that a Winchester? I bet it is). I thought it was pretty cool looking, if not exactly politically correct in today’s climate. There were pistols on a few horses as well, but this is the gun photo that turned out the best of the lot.

Tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up the carousel photos. Next week? I dunno. There’s a few pictures of critters from Como Park Zoo, plus there’s a bunch left from the downtown walk over a month ago now. I’m betting the week will be something of a grab bag. Or maybe I’ll find something to take pictures of this weekend. I suspect I’ll more likely just stay inside and avoid getting any cold winds in my tender ears, though.

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