28. March, 2006 - refund

Got my federal tax refund in the mail yesterday. And it presents me with something of a problem. I’ve got enough going on today that I’m going to be unable to get to my regular bank to deposit it. I can however get to “the other bank,” which I would prefer didn’t have my money, but which is much more convenient. I guess there are worse problems a guy could have, right?

Foggy Flower
Foggy Flower

I’m going to plug through the pictures from the photowalk last Saturday for a while. And I’ve decided to do them more or less in chronological order, which means a full week of delay looking at flowers and such before we get to the horsies from the carousel. But if you’re really jonesing for pictures of wooden horsies, you can check the flickr tag. Or maybe the other tag. We’re really not all that organized. Other folks have been busy posting, and there are some pretty cool results.

That’s one of the best things about these outings. I get to watch other people taking pictures and see the results online, and when one turns out really cool, I might even remember what the person was doing that I wasn’t. Is it improving my photography? Maybe. But even if it’s not, I’ve been having fun.

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