27. March, 2006 - waiting for April

We get to face March’s last gasp today, according to the weather guys. Snow and rain later today, but warm enough that it won’t stick. Which is just fine by me. I’ve had enough of the snow, and am ready for April to, in the words of Edna St. Vincent Millay, come like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.

If you step on the carousel, it’ll rock back and forth
If you step on the carousel
it’ll rock back and forth

The weekend. Friday I came home from work and did nothing. Well, I stared at the TV, while the TiVo made the various pixels dance for me. And given what I recall of the evening, that’s a fairly accurate description. I didn’t so much watch TV as let it play in front of me.

Saturday: I had thoughts about heading to the gun show before the picture-taking, but didn’t. Nor after. Taking pictures was enough for me for the day, and it went swimmingly. We met at the conservatory (except for a few stragglers) and spent 45 minutes taking pictures of plants. And of people taking pictures of plants. Then to the carousel, where Chuck and Lori straggled in. The picture today is of Peter explaining to Chuck why people couldn’t walk on the platform. The animals were kinda sad and disappointing for me, and I think for everyone else, too. We cut that short and about half of us headed to Gabe’s for some food and drink, and all was well.

Sunday turned out to be the nicest day of the weekend. Went up to visit Mom, and enjoyed the lack of snow. About 30 miles north of here, the ground is completely free of snow, and that, plus the sunshine, gave me a boost. When I got home again to a backyard still covered in the white stuff, it sucked the energy out of me again, and napping seemed like the best plan, and a perfect way to wrap up the weekend.

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