24. March, 2006 - late start to the weekend

A late update this morning. I got to bed a little later than usual, which meant waking up later than usual, etc. At least the cold or whatever seems to be mostly behind me, so I’m ready for whatever fresh dose of viral fun my co-workers catch from their kids next.

Spoon Bridge and Cherry
Spoon Bridge and Cherry

You’ve seen it before. When we were out walking around the sculpture garden, one of the challenges was trying to get pictures of things that didn’t include the other people in the group. Another was trying to get new and interesting looks at things that have been photographed to death. This was my attempt to meet both of those challenges at once, which was made trickier by the fact that the pond that the spoon bridges was frozen, so there were geeks with cameras walking all around it. Two behind that clump of shrubbery on the left, and I think two more hidden behind the bowl of the spoon. I debated whether I should attempt to straighten out the picture or not (it wasn’t intentionally shot at an angle), but laziness wins out again this morning. Ditto for the vignettes in the corners from having too much filter on my lens that was zoomed all the way out. Oops. Maybe I’ll clean it up and have a second picture to post sometime in the future.

The weekend is once again full of “stuff.” Taking pictures with geeks (more on that in a minute), perhaps a gun show, and a visit to mom. And hopefully a few minutes to catch up on some sleep. But I guess the weekend matches the week. I’m way behind in my laying around and watching TV this week, and it appears the backlog is just going to grow. Good thing my TiVo’s got the Really Big Drive.

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