23. March, 2006 - slow morning

Okay, I was still up by 4am, but I’ve been dragging this morning. It’s taken the better part of an hour to come up with any kind of idea about what to type here, and as you can see, it’s not much of an idea. The excuse today is that the sniffles have gone away, to be replaced with clogged sinuses. Won’t stop me from heading in to work, but I’m running in a lower gear today.

Basilica and Trees
Basilica and Trees

I’m into the pictures where there are little (or not so little) flaws that bug me in each of the ones I have left to post. Today’s for example, was framed such that the top of the cross got cut off. Just a few pixels higher, and I would have been happy with it, but a little mistake like that means it gets condemned to a slow day like today. I guess that’s not all bad. At least it’s only a small mistake that bugs me about the photo, but I am going to need to pay a little more attention to details like that if I’m going to make pictures I like more frequently. And it’s only a couple days until I’ll go out and collect a new batch of stuff to start throwing at you.

And I think that’s going to do it for this morning. Time to go eat some sudafed before they make it illegal, and then head off to work for the day.

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