22. March, 2006 - forms


I mentioned before that I like seeing buildings reflected in other buildings. Today’s picture is another example of that. Same building hosting the reflection, too. It’s 1221 Nicollet, which is some Wells-Fargo building. Sure is shiny!

I’m sure all three of you who read the site are sick of hearing about it by now, but I think I finally finished filling out all the forms I needed to do as part of getting hired. I think I at least know now why there are so many. The place I work is big enough that there are different HR people for all kinds of things. And each gets their own form. You can’t just fill out one direct-deposit form. You have to do two, because you get both paychecks and expense reimbursements direct-deposited. Multiply that by all the various things a big company does, and that adds up to a lot of forms. But as I say, I think I’m done now. It’ll be nice to be able to go back to doing productive work.

And I think that’s going to do it for the day. Today is my normal Wednesday, with nearly half the work-day consumed by meetings. I guess I should probably head in a little early to get some work done. And to make up for cutting out early yesterday, which I’ll maybe talk about tomorrow.

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