21. March, 2006 - Spring

Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky

Today’s picture was taken on the Loring Greenway. I don’t remember off the top of my head which building that is in the background, but I like the picture anyhow. It ain’t perfect, but it’s interesting. At least to me.

They tell me it’s spring out there. And I can see it in the sunrises the past few days. The sun is now coming up in the gap between the houses across the alley. That gap happens to be straight east of my dining room windows, so I’ve got my own little stonehenge every morning. But it sure doesn’t feel much like spring this week. High temperatures are hovering around freezing, and don’t seem to be putting much of a dent in the snow we got last week.

Of course I’m not exactly ready for spring myself, having logged a whopping hour or two on my trike/trainer since the first of the year, but I still feel like Mother Nature could throw me a bone. Especially since I started the “spring cleaning” last night. At the rate I’m going, the house will be ship-shape by, oh, about 2025. But hey, there’s at least less dust in my bedroom, so maybe I’ll be able to kick the sniffles one of these days.

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