20. March, 2006 - another Monday

Another weekend come and gone. Friday at work went pretty well, but wasn’t especially productive in terms of things finished. I got to juggle my priorities a bit, and have started implementing a new plan to keep me focused on one thing at a time, since I’ve felt like I’m thrashing around lately. I also had my new employee orientation, which was a couple hours of my life spent listening to a woman read a powerpoint presentation over the phone to me (and others). It took me ten minutes to read it to myself. Sigh.

Saturday was the single-game ticket sales over at Midway, with the PeTA gang out in the parking lot tuning up our tailgating. And because we had a big bonfire going, everyone ended up smelling a lot like smoke when we were done. My coat still smells like wood-smoke, but it’s the time of year when I’ll soon be taking it to the cleaners before putting it away for the winter. Or this year, because my winter coat is pretty darned beat up, probably just tossing it and keeping an eye out for a new one for next winter.

The Basilica of St. Mary
The Basilica of St. Mary

Sunday was a lazy day. I’d woken up on Saturday with the sniffles, and again on Sunday. I decided it was best just to spend Sunday at home and not go visit mom like I’d planned, since if this is a cold, I didn’t want to spread it to her. I would probably stay home from work today, except I still need to fill out my benefits forms for work, and the deadline is tomorrow. Got to be done. Then again, I’m not sure I’m actually sick. I might just be having allergy symptoms from the dust that’s gathered in the house lately. Spring Cleaning needs to happen soon.

In the pictures category, I’m back to the photowalk on the 25th of February for source material. While I find the night photography interesting, it doesn’t yield as much material due to longer setup times, so I’ve run that well dry. Today’s picture is actually handheld in low light, and came out better than I expected, but expect mostly outdoorsy stuff for this week. This Saturday will be a walk around Como Park, so hopefully there will be pictures of plants from the Conservatory, pictures of wooden horses from the Carousel, and some more lively critters from the zoo.

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