16. March, 2006 - more snow

It’s snowing out there all right. The traffic doesn’t look too horrible yet, but it’s still early enough that most people haven’t headed out to clog up the roads. I’m running late myself, and figure I’m going to shovel out the sidewalks and such before I leave for work, and work a rare late day. The snow is supposed to taper off around lunchtime, so hopefully there won’t be too much accumulation after I shovel. I wouldn’t especially mind taking another snow-day today, but there’s a lot to be done, so I’d better go in.

East Bank of the Mississippi in Minneapolis
East Bank of the
Mississippi in Minneapolis
East Bank of the Mississippi
East Bank
of the Mississippi

Pictures today, two versions of the same HDR-processed series of St. Anthony Main and the Pillsbury A-Mill. The one on the left is what came out of the camera, with some obvious white-balance problems. The one on the right is one I “corrected” until it looked like what my brain remembered seeing. I don’t think either is a completely accurate rendition of what that area looks like, and I had some problems with image alignment again, but they’re interesting views, and I kinda like ’em. They also use up the last of the pictures from the photowalk on the 11th, so I’ll be switching to something else tomorrow. The complete archive is here in HTML or here in flash, if you want to see the result of a couple hours of walking around last Saturday evening.

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