15. March, 2006 - more snow?

Is it too early to ask if I can take a mulligan on this entire week already? Turns out there was power at work on Monday, just not until 10am or so. So I’m out a day of vacation that I don’t have there. Then there’s yesterday. Didn’t get in to work until 11:30. Lose another couple hours. And then spend most of the day fighting with the computers that didn’t much appreciate having their power yoinked on Monday morning and both computers had hard drive problems. And now word comes that we’re due for more snow beginning tonight, and snarling the entire workday on Thursday. Are you sure it’s too early for a mulligan?

One other thing about Monday - when I asked whether it would cost a day off or not, since there was no power, the reply was that most people worked from home. Makes sense, but one of the reasons this job was attractive was that it was not at home. I worked from home for seven years, and at this point, I really like being able to come home and be away from work. So it’s an unpaid day on Monday for me. And maybe another tomorrow.

Downtown Minneapolis from the Stone Arch Bridge
Downtown Minneapolis
from the Stone Arch Bridge

Regarding yesterday’s garage-door-opener headache, it turned out that fixing the old one would have been $150, and a brand-spankin’-new one was $345. With a five-year warranty. I ponied up the money and just got the new one. It’s a lot better machine, and I didn’t feel ripped-off at all. But that’s probably why the repair guy had a new opener riding around in his truck.

Downtown Minneapolis
Downtown Minneapolis

Today’s pictures are interesting to compare. The one on the left is an HDR-processed one, and the one on the right is the only picture from another set I took to process that didn’t have any wiggle in it, so it’s pretty much “straight.” I’m pretty sure I like the straight one better, mostly because it doesn’t have the jiggle and halos that mar the processed one. And I got lucky and got the right exposure that actually has both good highlight and shadow detail.

I dunno. I think I’m going to need to experiment more, but I also think I prefer more time spent getting the composition and exposure right, and less time at the computer. Once I get better with my camera-technique, maybe I’ll be able to produce more interesting shots using the computer, but it’s not as exciting to me as I thought it might be.

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