13. March, 2006 - snow

Update 11AM: Minneapolis has declared a snow emergency. Make sure you’re parking in the correct place.

Update 8:15 AM. I made it into work, but there’s no power there. Large parts of the metro have no electricity due to lines down from the snow (parts of eastern Minneapolis, Falcon Heights, Roseville, and Arden Hills were all without power as I was driving past), so if you live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, call before heading in. According to WCCO, it’s 35,000 without power so far.

It’s snowing out as I write this. The nice weather of the weekend is no more, and there’s a whole new set of pictures to be taken of things outside, but I probably won’t today, since there’s work and hassling with roads and shovelling sidewalks to worry about. Plus I’m in something of a cranky mood this morning, which seldom makes for good pictures.


But hey, there were some over the weekend. I had as much fun as expected on Saturday, going out with the other photo geeks. And as expected, I missed a friend’s birthday party, because by the time I was done wandering around with the camera, I wanted to do nothing more than head home to bed. Sorry.

The first picture of the batch is of a building that’s being torn down on the east (downriver) end of St. Anthony Main. It looked like just the kind of thing to get people started with while there was still available light, but I decided to pull out my flash and see how that worked. For an on-camera flash, I was pretty impressed with the results. I wanted to flatten the rubble with direct lighting, and I think that worked. Yet the bit of roof that’s remaining lends depth to the picture. Does it all work? Probably not, but it was still interesting to see how much of the space I could light up. And it starts the week off in such a way that it’ll be easy for me to have more impressive photos later in the week.

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