10. March, 2006 - running late

It’s weird to find myself thinking that I’m running late shortly after 6am, but that’s how life is lately. Instead of the usual 4am, I “slept in” until almost five, and as a result am wondering if I’m going to be up to going out to pizza tonight. The user-group thing last night was okay, but I don’t know if I’ll do it again. I didn’t really feel like socializing after the presentations, and just headed home. Guess I just wasn’t in the mood.

Stopping Surreal
Stopping Surreal

As I went on about at great length yesterday, today’s picture is the last one I’d planned to post from the photowalk two weeks ago, and I really should have taken more time to punch up the colors. I think I’m going to try using some of the new tools to put up a gallery of the whole mess, but next week, I’ll hopefully have some new pictures taken tomorrow night. I like night photography, but seldom have the urge (or energy) to head out in the evening with my camera unless there’s some good excuse.

The big problem with tomorrow night is that it’s also a friend’s birthday party. But because I’m not very good at keeping track of things, I’d decided to head out taking pictures and got myself excited about it (and told people I’d be there) before I knew about the party. Still haven’t figured out if I’m going to try and do both, but I think it’ll hinge on how tired I am. It gets tougher every year to stay up “late,” and it’s pretty sad when “late” means staying awake to watch the weather in the 10pm newscast.

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