9. March, 2006 - work-week rhythms

So I’ve been working at the new job for more than three months, and I’m finally starting to notice things like the fact that the work-week has a rhythm. Mondays and Tuesdays are new things at work, and less time at home. I’ve been consciously trying to “front-load” the week a bit. Wednesday is meeting day. A minimum of three meetings, and usually more. Thursday I try to consolidate the work that was done earlier in the week, plan for the next stage of the project, and get started on that. Friday, the goal is to get everything into a state where I can let it rest for the weekend without losing my place, and get out of work a bit early to make up for extra hours in the first half of the week.

I suspect that when summer hits, the rhythms will change. Saints games will add another factor to the mix, and my days will be very full, at least on game-days. I’m looking forward to it now, but it’s not too hard to guess that I’ll be griping about being busy come June or July. Yes, I would complain if they hung me with a new rope.

Water Works
Water Works

Today’s picture? Well, I’m not especially happy with it overall, but there are some cool details if you look at it full-size. I probably should have put some effort into tweaking the exposure to show more contrast, but I didn’t.

I’m nearing the end of the photos I took while walking around a couple weeks ago. Well, actually not, but I’m running out of ones I like. No, that’s not entirely true, either. There are another eightteen photos from the day that I liked enough to give four stars to (the ratings being relative for the day). So what’s up with feeling like I’m out of pictures?

Well, when I did the first pass on the pictures I knew there were two weeks between the previous photowalk, and the one that’ll be happening this Saturday, so I quickly rated my pictures and pulled out the fourteen I liked most at the time. And of those first fourteen, only one remains, for tomorrow. It feels like any that didn’t make that first cut are culls, even though some of them are probably better than ones I’ve already posted. In any case, I’ve still got them on hand, and maybe I’ll just hold onto them to dribble them out, one per day. Like a lot of things around here, you’ll probably know what I decided about the same time I figure it out.

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