8. March, 2006 - more things to do

The saga continues at work. I think I’ve been hired as an employee, but it’s hard to say for sure at the moment. I got to work yesterday to find a couple emails saying I couldn’t be hired until the forms had been received, but they were before the phone-call on Monday evening. I figure one of these days I’ll get something concrete one way or another.

Side door - Basilica of St. Mary
Side door
Basilica of St. Mary

I was thinking of titling the picture off to the right “God and Country - And an alarm system”, but went with the simple description instead. When I spotted it, I had one of those WTF? moments, and then thought to myself that it was sad that churches need security systems, but not all that surprising. Hell, people were stealing chalices and such from churches back when I was in high school, too. It still makes me wish that people sucked less, though.

One other thing of note for today. Apparently I haven’t established my technical bona fides around work just yet. I pointed out an email message saying that things in the printing system on Mac OS X are (or have already, actually) changing in a way that will impact my work. The boss I pointed this out to asked me to jump through some hoops to make sure there’s a concern. Okay. Fine. I’m the new guy and have to prove myself yet, but it means I’m going to have to spend some time later this morning putting together a sample application so I can say for sure whether it won’t even compile or just won’t work (I’m betting on the former). And then I’ll have to write an email that avoids snarkiness. Well, at least I can still snark here.

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