7. March, 2006 - Deep thoughts? Ha!

Sculpture in the courtyard next to Masa
(next to Masa)

It seems as though I might have been successful in completing the paperwork properly yesterday. I got a call yesterday evening asking for a couple bits that were on the papers I’d dropped in inter-company mail just so everything could get entered into the computer yesterday, and I’m taking that as a good sign. Of course there’s still plenty of opportunity for things to go awry, by I think I’m past the worst of it. My co-workers seem amused when I make statements like Human Resources is not your friend. The very name “Human Resources” makes me think they’re in charge of gathering the raw materials for Soylent Green. But it’s true. Departments like that exist to limit a corporation’s liability and help it acquire the meat for the grinder. If they help employees along the way, that might be nice, but it’s not what they’re getting paid for.

Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden

A couple more pictures today, too. Both are public art I decided to take pictures of for no particular reason other than they looked cool at the time. The first is next to Masa, where we dined last month, and it caught my eye that evening. I’m not sure whether I prefer it lit up at night or backlit by the sun, as in this picture, but it was kinda cool looking. The second is a piece in the sculpture garden that always has me wondering. I’m just not sure what the point of it is, but it catches my eye, nonetheless.

One last thing before the links: I just looked at the calendar next to my desk and there’s something written in for every Saturday this year. Sure, on a few of them I just decided to stay home and be a hermit, but now March is already filled in, with multiple items on a few of the weekends. It’s nice to know I’ve got stuff to do, rather than just rattling around the house on a Saturday, but I keep thinking that I’d like to go out of town, if only for a weekend, and then something comes up and I put it off for another week. And that’s how I go a couple years without a real vacation.

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