6. March, 2006 - full time?

As expected, but little talked about, on Friday I got an offer from the place I’ve been contracting at. They’d like to bring me on full-time, and I got all the details I need to make an intelligent decision. I celebrated by heading out for some beers at the Sporty. Not an especially late evening, but I’d had my fill by the time I arrived home a bit after 10.

Downtown from the Sculpture Garden
from the Sculpture Garden

Saturday, I had been planning to go up to mom’s, but waited around for the package containing all the paperwork to arrive via courier. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a “signature required” delivery or not, but didn’t want to take the chance and screw up the whole process. Once it arrived, I said to heck with it all and took a nap. Evening was the monthly session of cards.

Downtown & Lamp
Downtown & Lamp

Sunday, there was snow. Not a lot, but with the temperature hovering just around freezing, it was wet an heavy. I shovelled off the sidewalk so I wouldn’t have a ton of ice to deal with later if it got cold, and then headed over to the gun-show in Stillwater (didn’t find much other than some cheap ammo - but I still enjoy the atmosphere). The roads were pretty treacherous, but once I hit the freeway on the way up to mom’s (for the visit that got pre-empted by my Saturday nap), it was all clear sailing, except for the occassional over-cautious person doing 55 while everyone else was trying to cruise along at 75-80. Home, and then some TV.

Which is all a long-winded way of explaining why I have a half-inch thick stack of paperwork I need to deal with this morning before starting work for the day. There are many forms that need signing, and additional bits I need to dig up, and all the paperwork is probably the single worst thing about starting a new job. Oh well, it needs to be done, I guess.

And today there are a couple more pictures from the photowalk on the 25th. It looks like I’m going to use up my flickr quota for the month on just this set, which is going to be a drag since we’re less than a quarter of the way into the month. I was all ready to buy a pro account too, but I just don’t feel like dealing with paypal in order to do that. And they only accept payment via paypal.

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