3. March 2006 - that was weird

Runoff from Construction Hennepin Avenue
Runoff from Construction
Hennepin Avenue

Yesterday, after finishing up the morning blogging, I headed upstairs to get ready to go to work. And found that I was very tired. Now this was following Wednesday, when I’d gotten a headache at work (I seldom get headaches except when hungover), come home, and gone to bed about 8pm. Since none of this seemed right, I checked, and I had a fever. Went to bed for a few hours and then decided to email in to work saying I wasn’t feeling well. Slept a grand total of about 13 or 14 hours before I finally got up to putter around the house and take a nap on the couch while watching some TV. I have no idea what was up, but I think I’m feeling better now. Apparently my body needed a day off, but it was kind of disturbing to go from feeling relatively healthy Wednesday morning, to having a headache that felt like my head was exploding that afternoon, to just feeling wrong most of yesterday. It sure didn’t help with the schedule at work much, either. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m behind where I should be, and that’s not a comfortable feeling.

Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures
The Continental Hotel
The Continental Hotel

For your weekend enjoyment, here are a few more pictures from last Saturday’s photowalk. I’ll probably switch back to revealing them one a day next week, but I needed to get a few more tossed out there (they’re also on my Flickr stream) for the frozen theme contest over there. I’ve also already got ideas for next week’s hot theme challenge, but they’re still lifes I’m going to have to set up at home sometime this weekend. I don’t really think I’ve got winners for any of the themes, but I’m having fun with my camera, and that’s reward enough, I think.

This weekend? It’s another busy one. Got things to do tomorrow, but so far I’ve managed to keep Sunday clear of anything outside the house. I’m planning to set up and take the still-life compostions I want to do on Sunday. Plus there’s probably some housework that needs doing. Well, probably needed doing months ago, but I’m going to try to get to it now. It’s not a full-on spring cleaning or anything, but I need to at least cut down on some of the clutter and dust-bunnies. And maybe I’ll try one more time to figure out a vacation that isn’t dependent on the airlines, since who knows whether they’ll be flying when I want to leave town.

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