2. March, 2006 - link light, picture heavy

I like buildings reflected in other buildings
I like seeing buildings
reflected in other buildings

Another morning when I just didn’t find much “out there.” Sometimes the days are like that. But hey, there’s pictures (yes, more than one!). Rather than space them out, one per day, I decided since I was short on links this morning, I’d try to make up for it with pictures. Sadly, since I’m lame, these aren’t going to show up in my RSS feed, so some people won’t even notice them. Still, of the hundred-thirty-some pictures I took last Saturday, the one I posted yesterday, and these three are my favorites (and coincidentally needed no cropping and minimal post-processing). There are about a dozen more that I think I’ll get around to posting, but they’re either not quite as good as these, or need a little work (because they’re not quite as good).

A colorful puddle
A colorful puddle

Thinking about the photowalk, I didn’t really have a theme in mind. Mostly I just wandered around, trying to keep my eyes open to things that looked neat. Having a large group of other people doing the same really helps, for a couple reasons. First is that I didn’t feel as conspicuous walking around with the camera and generally geeking out. That let me think about the photos, rather than being distracted by what other people might think. Second, when you’re out with other photographers like that, sometimes other people see something that sparks an idea. While none of these photos were (as far as I know) inspired by someone else taking a picture of the same subject, earlier photos in the set were, and that “got the creative juices flowing.” In case you hadn’t guessed, I had a gosh-darn lot of fun out walking around being a geek with a camera.

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