1. March, 2006 - Ash Wednesday

Winter’s about had it, as far as I can tell. The only snow remaining in the back yard is the sad pile left from shovelling in front of my garage, and while there were the usual threats of doom on Channel 9 last night, saner weather forecasters were saying we’re basically getting nothing here in the cities. Yeah, there’s probably one big snowfall yet to come, but I’m definitely starting to feel like I should be getting more miles in on the trike and trainer soon. Seems like a Lenten thing to do.

I’ve also been thinking about an out-of-town vacation. And soon. But I’ve held off on actually booking any flights or anything until I find out what the Northwest pilots are going to do. I completely understand their position and can see why they’ve voted to approve a strike, but damn, it’s a pain in the ass when a guy’s thinking of a vacation.

The pipes in Peavey Plaza
Peavey Plaza

On the computer front, I got the new hard drive installed in my Mac last night. I didn’t have the right tray to mount it in place, and between it being a loud drive (am I the only one who wishes manufacturers would put decibel ratings on their drives?) and the makeshift mounting, I now have a new “thrum” running through my office-area when the computer is on. I think today’s lunch (in between the five hours of meetings today — I’m going for a new record) will be a trip to the Apple store to see if they can set me up with the right mounting bracket and some rubber washers to maybe help with the noise isolation a bit.

And having the new drive in place means I finally sucked last Saturday’ photos from the camera. I haven’t even gone through them all yet, but today you get to see one of the earlier ones of the day that I really like. And with any luck, I’ve got enough that I can post one a day between now and when I go out on the next walk with the photo geeks on Saturday the 11th.

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