28. February, 2006 - no photowalk photos yet

No pictures yet. When I was heading home from work yesterday, I thought about what was in the fridge and freezer at home, and none of it sounded as good as a plate of nachos from the Sporty, so I stopped off there for dinner. While I didn’t tear the place up by any means, I didn’t figure playing with the computer was the best plan when I got home, so the new hard drive still sits in its box, which means no pictures yet. Maybe tonight.

Sunrise reflecting on downtown Minneapolis
Sunrise on downtown

Okay. One picture. I took this one a week ago today on the way to work. It’s downtown Minneapolis with the sunrise reflecting off it. It’s handheld, and a bit fuzzy as a result, since I was using a 200mm (300mm equivalent) lens and pretty long exposures (this was the shortest at 1100 sec). Of the lot, I think this was the best, and it still took some tweaking in ACR and some pretty harsh cropping in Photoshop. Doing the math, something like a 500mm lens would have allowed me to fill the frame about the way I wanted from up on County C and Hwy 88 where I took this picture. I’m not ecstatic about it, but I guess I could have done a lot worse. And I really like the color of the sunrise reflecting off all that glass downtown. I may have to play with this one some more one of these days when I learn the tools better (and have the space on my drive to play with multiple versions).

So anyone want to help me get the cool lens I’m certain I need for shots like this (and which would be pretty darned handy for baseball season, too)? I added it to my Wish List.

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