24. February, 2006 - TGIF

So far this year, it seems Fridays have been split about evenly between looking forward to some weekend plan and being glad to be done with the work-week and ready to just spend the weekend sleeping. Today is both. A snarky comment yesterday led to tension in the workplace, and I find myself thinking that I’m happiest when I can just sit back and program, without having to deal with other people. On the other hand, I’m looking forward both to meeting some friends for dinner this evening and to meeting some new folks on the spontaneous walkabout tomorrow, and really hope the weather will be decent.

The one other thing that’s been rattling around in my skull is that I want to take a vacation soon. Not necessarily some grand trip overseas, but a week or so of getting out of town and away from everyday life. I wonder if I can put together some sort of spring-training trip, perhaps. Sounds like a good thing to investigate on Sunday.

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