23. February, 2006 - huh! stuff!

I was sure today was going to be one of those I’m lame and have no links for you days, but it turns out there’s a few things to point to out there after all.

Yesterday was one of those ball-crushing kind of days at work. Wednesdays usually are, since I generally have four hours of meetings scheduled on Wednesdays. And even though two of them were cancelled, I still felt like a vise was being applied to parts of me that don’t appreciate that sort of treatment. The worst part was that much of it was self-inflicted. I thought I’d had a pretty good morning, but one of my changes started crashing the application. And the debugger. Ugh. At least this will be one of seven-hundred-thousand google hits for crash and debugger, so I’m not exactly alone in my pain.

Anyway, it turns out I didn’t understand the ownership policies on one of the objects I was working with and was deleting it. When the OS helpfully deleted it again for me, things went south in a hurry. All the memory-protection in the world doesn’t help when you’re a complete idiot. Found the problem and band-aided it just before the day-ending meeting, and I know how to fix it correctly after letting my subconscious chew on the problem overnight (and screw up my dreams), but I still have the feeling that it all would have been a lot simpler if I’d just stayed in bed yesterday.

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