20. February, 2006 - it’s like a holiday

Some people have a holiday today. Like my bank. And the Post Office. Guess that means there’s little point it trying to pay the bills this morning, since they’d just sit here stampless until tomorrow anyhow. Other than that, it’s a pretty normal Monday following a pretty normal weekend.

The recap? Well, the blizzard threatened last week never hit here. The weekend weather was cold, and staying home seemed preferable to going out in the cold. Had a decent time taking mom out shopping and to the bar on Saturday, but I’m starting to see signs of the end of such outings. Plans to go down to the antique show fell through, which meant I didn’t stop by the gun show that was also at the convention center. On Sunday, Elliott Sadler finished highest in the NASCAR pool at work, which puts me in first place, but I’m kicking myself over not picking Jimmie Johnson. Pitchers and catchers reported, which excites me less than I think it should. And late Sunday evening, a canvasser for Sister’s Camelot stopped by. I’d almost forgotten about them, so it was good they had someone out. And that’s pretty much the weekend.

At work, it looks like this could be a productive week. I’ve gotten everything I need from others on the team, and now I can just plow on ahead with the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. That should keep me busy for the next few weeks, which is good.

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