16. February, 2006 - snow?

There were fearful forecasts of a blizzard. I don’t know. Nothing out there when I woke up. Supposedly it’s going to hit about 10am, but depending on which forecast you look at, it might peter out in the southern ’burbs. I wouldn’t mind some snow, but it’s far enough into winter that I’m not very excited about it, either.

Had dinner last night at Masa with the reconstituted dinner club. It was a pretty good experience. The food was good but not great (I had the Pollo con Mole, and while it was tasty, the dark meat portion of the chicken was slightly undercooked). But our waitress (Andy) was attentive and cute and that never hurts.

Our group of ten spent about $400, so it wasn’t a cheap night (even though I suspect we under-tipped as a table). The company was interesting, since there were a lot of new faces, and it was a darned good evening. One of the interesting things was that I was the only one of the gang to pay with cash. Everyone else used checks or credit cards. Huh! I guess I’m a weirdo. Yeah, that’s a complete shock, I know.

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