15. February, 2006 - it’s like science

Life continues. Yesterday was a mixed bag. Got a call in the morning about more insurance stuff for mom. There wasn’t going to be time for the forms to travel in the mail, so we had to play some fax-tag with them. But everything’s in the right hands now, and theoretically the problem is solved. I think I’ve figured out where it all went wrong, too. The plan mom was in is the one that was the default, and sometime last year, I got a letter saying If you don’t do anything, you’ll end up in this plan. Since it was the plan we wanted, I went with my strength and did nothing. But then the county had no paperwork in hand, so things got confused… Anyway, enough about that.

The rest of the day was ups and downs. I was pretty productive again, but I’ve got a number of tasks in which I need feedback from someone else on my team. Unfortunately after they were out at the conference all last week, they’re getting sick this week and I still haven’t gotten the responses I need. So I’m rapidly running out of things I can do without risking heading off in a wrong direction. I left from work a little early as a result. Today I have four meetings scheduled, and I’m torn. Normally I wouldn’t want to spend half the working day in meetings, but I need some answers, so I’m actually hoping for none of the meetings to be cancelled. Wish me luck?

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