14. February, 2006 - blah

Yesterday was not the day I was hoping for when I woke up. Got to work about the usual time, and started trying to work. But I had to deal with multiple government offices once they opened for the day to deal with mom’s Medicare Part D coverage, which had been helpfully cancelled by someone (it’s still not clear exactly what happened) after we’d gotten it set up back in December. The phone calls rapidly turned up the frustration level to the point that I gave up on getting any work done and took personal time for the rest of the day. I came home and spent all afternoon playing phone-tag, and finally got things resolved about 4pm. Well, kinda resolved. At least the right forms are supposed to be in the mail to me, and it should all be sorted out for March. Ugh. And even that wouldn’t have happened without the great gal at the Senior LinkAge Line® who guided me through the process and spent almost two hours on the phone with me, making something like eight different three-way calls.

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have any plans for today. I’m probably going to try and work an extra hour or two to make up for being out all yesterday afternoon. Pretty romantic, eh?

And in a bit of followup, multiple readers pointed out to me that DFL stands for “Dead F***in’ Last”. Thanks for the help. I had a mental block because I kept thinking of Minnesota’s Democrat-Farmer-Labor party, and couldn’t figure out what in the world they had to do with the Olympics.

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