13. February, 2006 - Monday the thirteenth

St. Valentine’s Day Eve. Strikes fear into the heart of many guys: Oh Crap! Is it that time of year already? Me? No worries this year. Nobody to make plans with, and no real urge to make any plans. I could go out and hang out with the bitter singles somewhere, but I suspect that since tomorrow’s a “school night,” I’ll just stay home. Oh, and get my hair cut. For some reason it was pretty easy to come by an appointment tomorrow evening.

The weekend? Pretty quiet. I didn’t leave the house, and liked it. Felt a little bad that I’d missed the flickr meetup on Saturday and the Paintings on a Sunday gathering on (surprisingly enough) Sunday, but not so bad that it got me out of the house. The only excitement, if you want to call it that, was a set of three phone calls to my cell-phone at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning. Since the phone was in the charger, it was close enough to my sleeping body to wake me up. Grr. I wish there was a way to flag numbers (or calls with no caller ID) so the phone wouldn’t ring at all. Let it blink lights or whatever, but I don’t want to hear the rings from the people who are calling for Hussein any more. Heck, I’d even be happy with the phone being smart enough to shut off the ringer during certain hours. That’s just not the kind of thing I think of when plopping it in the charger before going to bed.

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