9. February, 2006 - closer to the end

Of the week. Of one project I’m working on. Of my “reader’s block” in finding new links for you. Whatever. It’s Thursday, and I can see the weekend, complete with much lounging about on the couch and perhaps a session of percussive therapy from here. Sure there’s still today and tomorrow to be gotten through at work, but today is the last day of the all-company conference I wasn’t invited to in California, so everyone will pretty much continue leaving me alone, and tomorrow they’ll all be in airplanes or whatever, and again, I’ll have a quiet day.

Unfortunately, at least one of the projects I’m working on there has stalled. I need some answers from a guy who was supposed to make fifteen minutes for me this week, but couldn’t even do that, so a full week of delay has been put into that pipeline. I’m not bitter or anything, but it does make it a little harder to get excited about that particular project.

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