3. February, 2006 - winding down

I knew I should have saved more stuff for today. Ah well, it’s the end of the week, and I’m not only running out of links, I’m running out of steam, and think I’m coming down with yet another cold. It’s nice having people around to talk to at work, but most of them have kids, and are continually hauling in one infection after another. In previous winters, my strategy was to hibernate at home when people were spreading illness, but I don’t have that luxury this year.

Yesterday felt super-productive at work until about 4pm, when the network completely shit the bed. Since I was in the middle of trying to write an email in Outlook (if I don’t use that, I don’t get information about meetings I’m supposed to be at), which kept trying to check the network and giving me the hourglass. After about a half-hour of frustration, I gave up and called it a day. This morning, I’m wishing I’d stuck around work a little longer, since I was also building a “private build” for a tester, and need to go in today to post it to the server. If I’d gotten that done before leaving yesterday, I think I might just stay home and in bed today. But instead, I’m going to head in, and keep telling myself that when it comes to germs, ’tis better to give than receive.

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