January 2006

31. January, 2006 - bigger is not better

Not sure why, but I’ve got a lot of links in the queue. Yesterday went pretty well with the boss in town, and I think the work priorities are straightening out, so perhaps that’s freed up part of my brain from worrying. Or maybe just a number of stories I’m interested are breaking at once. But whatever the reason, this clears less than half of the queue.

30. January, 2006 - cool it, the boss!

On a personal note, my boss is in town this week. Haven’t actually met him in person yet, even though I’ve been that the job for about two months, so it’ll be interesting. And it’s possible there will be stuff keeping me around work enough that blogging may be light. I guess we’ll see.

26. January, 2006 - running out of stuff

As the week winds down, I’m running out of ideas and of things to link to. If it makes you feel any better, the same thing seems to be happening at work this week. I was pretty darned productive the first part of this week, but today I think I’d actually welcome more meetings in my schedule. If there’s nothing tomorrow, you’ll know why…

25. January, 2006 - hump day
24. January, 2006 - Mmm… pork
23. January, 2006 - Another Monday
21. January, 2006 - Happy John Moses Browning’s Birthday!
20. January, 2006 - busy, not dead
18. January, 2006 - cold?
17. January, 2006 - Happy Emperor Norton’s Birthday!
16. January, 2006 - feeling better
13. January, 2006 - cold & snuffles

It’s still warm in MN, but I came down with a cold yesterday. Came down hard enough to leave work before lunch and come home and sleep. Still trying to decide whether or not I’m heading in to work this morning or just having another shot of Nyquil and go back to bed.

Noon update: Went with the Nyquil and more sleep. I almost feel human at the moment.

12. January, 2006 - grumpy
11. January, 2006 - light blogging

Yes, I know blogging is light lately. Life keeps intruding.

10. January, 2006 - sunshiney line at the post office
7. January, 2006 - another weekend post
6. January, 2006 - notes from inside my brain
5. January, 2006 - it continues

Sorry about the light blogging yesterday. It was just one of those days.

4. January, 2006 - mrf!
3. January, 2006 - grey
2. January, 2006 - new year
1. January, 2006 - New Year, Same Old Stuff

Had fun last night. Once again, the party was mostly married folks or single guys, so there wasn’t much hope for even getting a Happy New Year kiss from someone, but what the heck. I still had fun, and got to sample some Hmoobshine (which more than made up for the somewhat unpleasant taste with a big kick). Plus got to see the batch of people that I only see on NYE. Drove home about 3:30 in the morning, after waiting for most of the amateurs to get off the roads, and it was clear sailing except for a cluster of highway patrol at the intersection of 694 and 35W. At least four of them were scattered around the ramps and cloverleafs, lights ablink, and suspected drunks walking the white lines along the shoulders.

Today’s going to be a slow day, I expect. I’m not especially hungover, but I am just plain tired. It’s coming up on noon now, and while the third (and final) load of laundry is in the washer already, and I had breakfast one load ago, I still haven’t crawled out of the bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and into the shower. I suspect I’ll do that once this load is into the dryer, with a nap to follow almost immediately.

As for the time off from work, in the twelve days in which I didn’t go into the office, I finished six of the tasks I had set for myself. Since I’d planned to do one a day, subtracting three days for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and today, finding that I’ve gotten two-thirds of them done isn’t great news, but it’s about what I expected. The only snag is that there are the website updates that I still need to do, and I probably should get them done today. Maybe I’ll manage to tackle them this evening. As for my planned switch of the blog to the new software, I guess that’s not going to happen today like I’d planned. But for now, I’m happy enough that I’m starting the new year with clean clothes.

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