29. December, 2005 - still alive

Not really a whole lot to say. Tuesday saw me getting new trike tires and setting up the trainer. I plan to try and ride for at least a half-hour a day once the new year starts, which hopefully will see me in decent shape come springtime. Then I went out to celebrate my achievement, which led to a non-productive day yesterday. Figured I’d update y’all on that, not because it’s especially interesting, but because today’s a day of messing with websites anyhow, and I might as well start on my own.

The rest of the holiday break is already booked up, and if I have half-decent luck on my to-do list, I’ll get everything done I expected to. I won’t have tackled the extra things I threw in just in case, but setting my expectations low seems to be working. Goes to show something or other, I guess.

And that’s going to do it for today. And quite possibly for 2005. Have a swell new year.

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