21. December, 2005 - shortest day

First, a reminder to myself. Always remember to adjust the temperature of the toaster oven down from “broil” before trying to bake one of those self-rising pizzas. They don’t turn out very well when broiled.

That out of the way, I did finish up the work for the year before lunch yesterday, so I headed home. Spent my afternoon of freedom taking a nap, and felt much better for it. But now I’ve got a list of eight different things to do around home before I go back to work in January, most of which are a significant chunk of a day when you figure in the procrastinating and trips to the hardware store because I forgot that one bit I need to do the job. I’m going to try and get through one each day (and no more than that), during the time off. Seems like a pretty good plan, and realistically I expect I’ll manage at least half of them. The rest? Well, maybe they’re not such important tasks after all.

Also found out last night that my neighbors are throwing a party next week. It’s a pot-luck dinner sort of thing, and I need to figure out what I’m going to contribute. Plenty of time remaining, but they’re doing the main courses, so I’ll be cooking somewhat outside my normal comfort zone. Should prove interesting.

It’s the shortest day of the year today. Looking like it’s going to shape up to be a cloudy one too, but at least the temperature is climbing. Yes, the cold weather still remains, and will for months, but simply having sunlight on either the drive to or from work will probably help my mental state a fair bit.

Not sure what my blogging schedule is going to be, but don’t panic if I miss a day. I’ve got some spare time this next week and a half, but I’m also going to try and rest some more. That may mean a morning or two away from the computer.

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