15. December, 2005 - good morning

Last week, it was the middle of the week when I missed a day. Nearly did so this week, but woke up early this morning and found a few things before I head off for what looks like it’ll be a long day. Got a meeting scheduled to begin after I’m usually home from work, plus there’s the prep-cook for tomorrow’s pot-luck to be done this evening.

Last night, when I got home, besides the shovelling to be done, I discovered that the fargin’ squirrels had chewed the top completely off one of the bird-feeders. I refilled the other feeder, but the one the tree-rats destroyed will sit empty for another day or two. I’ll try to remember to grab a picture of it before I throw it away. It’s not that I mind the squirrels eating the food I’m putting out for the birds, but I think I might pop for the expensive squirrel-proof feeder when I buy a replacement just to be spiteful.

But a quiet evening, coupled with a friend stopping by and hanging out for about an hour improved my mood last night, so I think I’m ready to face today. And if I get to work a bit later than usual this morning because I was up late (though not much later than usual, I just cut short the before-sleep reading), that’s a pretty easy price to pay.

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