11. December, 2005 - lazy

That’s what the weekend was. Friday, went out for happy hour and dinner and didn’t get home until well after I should have. Made up for the fun, frivolity and expense (there was plenty of each) by not leaving the house on either Saturday or Sunday. Just hung at home, watched some tube, and slept a lot. The big excitement was Steph stopping by on Saturday morning to pick up some of the food she’s keeping in my freezer while her kitchen’s torn up. Well, unless you count the time spent looking through over a thousand spams that had come in during the week, just to make sure there wasn’t a legitimate email in there (not this week). That’s pretty darned exciting too, right?

Tomorrow, it’s back to the regular grind. My attitude was a lot better by the time I left on Friday, and I just hope it’ll last. I also have a little bit of work to do for my business one of these evenings (plus year-end is coming, and I need to get the books in order for the accountant). Two more weeks to get to the holiday break, and then I’ll have a week off (with plenty of holiday stuff to fill the time). I’m looking forward to it already.

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