9. December, 2005 - late start

Getting a late start today, but not for any of the usual reasons. Instead, I know I’ve got a phone-conference that begins late in the afternoon here (though earlier in California), plus when I got home last night, my mailbox was standing open with no mail. I think I’m going to stick around home until the mailman arrives just to see if he knows what’s up with that. There’s one package that’s still supposed to be arriving from amazon.com, and it’s nearly a month overdue at this point (it was supposed to ship on November 16th). I find myself wondering if yesterday was the day it arrived, but suspect it might just have been a no-mail day. But that means I have time to blog while I’m waiting for the mailman to arrive.

As for work, my enthusiasm wanes. I’m engaged in a technical debate with the guy who’s supposed to be handing off information about the project I’m taking over, and we don’t see eye to eye. It’s preventing me from getting moving as fast as I’d like on the project, and frustrating me quite a bit. At this point, I’m just looking to get through today with no major snags, and figuring that maybe I can start with a fresh attitude next week. Wish me well.

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