6. December, 2005 - brrr

Fresh out of fahrenheits this morning. Overdrawn, even. It was darned chilly out there this morning. This evening, still chilly, and I realize that I’ve gotta tweak the times on the programmable thermostat a little bit. Need a bit of time for the house to warm back up before I get home from work.

Work continues. I finally received my new Mac at work today, and spent most of the day getting it set up. Luckily, I’ve gathered enough information that while I was waiting for the various installers to run, I could put together emails to various folks either asking for more information, or summarizing what I’ve learned so far, and asking for a sanity check. But that doesn’t actually get the work done that I need to get finished by this Friday. I’ve got a good chunk left to do this week, and if blogging is light the rest of the week, that’s why.

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