4. December, 2005 - Weekend Edition

I obviously don’t have the new schedule worked out, but it seems like a good time to do another update. It’s Sunday evening, and I’ve finished watching a bunch of things that my TiVo caught for me over the weekend. If I start anything else now, I’ll end up getting to bed late, so it’s time to shut off the tube for the night, and typing this up will get me about to the point where I’m ready to sleep.

I guess it was a pretty good weekend. Friday, I wrapped up the last item on the to-do list my manager had given me for the week, and cut out a little early. Saturday morning, I ran a bunch of errands, swung by the gun show in Stillwater, and drove state highway 95 most of the way up to mom’s. That’s a road which parallels the St. Croix River most up to Taylors Falls before heading inland, and even though it was snowing lightly, the views over the river were pretty cool. I visited with mom for a while, and headed home. Got everything cleaned up for the semi-regular poker game, but we never did get a quorum, so those of us who did show up just hung out and talked and had some beers.

Sunday? A slow day. Aside from installing a bunch of software and losing the pictures I’d taken on Saturday, I didn’t do much at all. Apparently I need to spend some more time to figure out everything about working with Camera Raw. The pictures I lost were probably culls anyhow, but I guess I’ve got a few things left to figure out about the camera. As for the rest of the day, there were a few things I should have done that I just didn’t, but I felt like I needed a day off, so I took it easy. I’ll worry about the list during the week. And that about does it for the weekend.

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