2. December, 2005 - excellent birds

Excellent Birds
Excellent Birds

Yesterday (thursday) morning on the way to work, I saw a nice photo opportunity from Tony Schmidt Park, on Lake Johanna, so I stopped at the parking lot, trudged through the snow, and you see the result there to the right. I’m reasonably happy with it, though it too a few tries to get the exposure right (this was the best of seven attempts).

It was a pretty good day, too. One of the things I like about having a job out of the house is the fact that I now have a reason to get out around (or before) sunrise. It’s one of my favorite times of the day, even when I have to shovel snow, like I have too many times this week.

On the other hand, heading to work before sunrise, then working a full day (plus a bit to make up for leaving early on Tuesday), driving in the dark to go shopping for an air-cleaner for mom’s bedroom, eating dinner, and then writing this used up pretty much all of my Thursday. It would have been nice to have a little time to watch TV or read a book or just relax. I’m starting to think I might want to switch back to the monday and friday blogging schedule I kept last time I had a job away from home.

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