1. December, 2005 - past half-way

Well, I’m more than halfway done with my first week on the new job. Still don’t have my computer, but hey, it’s not like they’re an integral part of the work, right? Erm.

But seriously, things aren’t going too badly. I’m still in a bit of shock from not being able to take my usual mid-afternoon nap, and I’m not exactly hip to driving to and from work in the snow before people have figured out that it might be slippery, but overall, I think it’s going pretty well. Yes, there are frustrations, but if it was supposed to be fun, I’d be paying them instead of the other way around, right?

Plus there’s the fact that after work today I decided I needed to swing by the local watering hole for a couple buck burgers and a bit of the old barley-pop. There are very few times when that won’t help my mood.

And that’s going to do it for the update today, kiddies. It’s time for me to finish this up and get some sleep so I can wake up bright and early and shovel the snow that’s falling while I’m typing this off of my sidewalk before heading out to deal with idiots on the road and the computer that still isn’t there. Bonus points if you parsed that sentence on the first try. I blame John Barleycorn.

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