25. November, 2005 - gone shopping?

Are you headed out for the “biggest shopping day of the year” today? I’m certainly not. But I’m also not observing Buy Nothing Day. After a stay-at-home Thanksgiving, I need to head out for some groceries. I also need to get new inner tubes for my trike. I filled up the tires last week and hauled the trike inside so I could set it up on a trainer for the winter. But two of the three tires have already gone flat. One had a pretty obviously questionable valve-stem, so that doesn’t surprise me, but the other looked fine (and had air left from summer), so I’m wondering if maybe I somehow screwed it up in the course of refilling it. In any case, I only have one spare tube at the moment, so a trip to the bike shop is in order.

But that’s probably going to be the extent of my shopping today. Most of the shopping for prezzies is happening online again this year, and my mailman has been complimenting me on how much of the shopping I seem to be getting done already. There are a few presents that will require a trip to the store, but I think other than booze, I can get everything online this year. And boy, am I thankful for that!

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