22. November, 2005 - hump-day comes early

Once again, it’s the middle of an extra-short week already. The week before Thanksgiving always seems busy to me. Partly that’s because I usually spend some time on Thanksgiving weekend banging out the annual holiday letter and getting the Christmas cards ready to go. Partly it’s because there’s at least one dinner on the schedule. But it’s been five years since I flew out of town for Thanksgiving, and I was really hoping I’d be able to do it again this year. Sadly, all the cheap overseas flights were full by the time I got my passport back this year, so I’m staying at home.

That’s just as well, I guess. There’s a lot to be done around here, and I start a new job on Monday, the enormity of which is just starting to really sink in. My schedule’s going to see some pretty darned big changes next week, and I’m torn between trying to get everything in order around home (which I already know is a lost cause) and just relaxing and enjoying the last few days of freedom.

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