21. November, 2005 - cranky monday

happy feet
happy feet

This is one of those mornings where I think I should be in a better mood than I am. There’s a beautiful sunrise, I had a pretty good weekend (full of doing nothing), and I’ve got happy feet, since my new slippers arrived. But there’s change a-comin’, and that always leaves me a bit on-edge. Some of it’s good change, and some I’m not sure about, but it’s knocking me out of my nice comfortable rut, and I’m never thrilled about that.

Part of the change is something you’re going to see. I’m not sure when, but I think I’m going to quit doing the blogging first thing in the morning. I’ve been with the morning schedule for quite a while, but I realize that it’s not working as well as I’d like. Even if I wake up at 5:30, like I did this morning, I’m not ready to head out the door until nearly 9am. And that means that I’m not ready to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunrise like the one this morning. I’m not sure of the details, and I’ll probably continue to spend at least a little time surfing the web each morning, but I think I’m going to try putting off the posting until evening. Probably change over next week, but maybe as early as tomorrow.

Another change is that I think it’s finally time to upgrade my Mac. Just a software upgrade of the OS, but that’s never as simple as it sounds. The driving force behind that is my frustration with Safari. I see the spinning pizza of death something like a hundred times every morning. Most of them are short, like five seconds or so, but over the course of my regular morning surfing, that’s a lot of frustration. I’m hoping the upgrade will improve matters, but I suspect the problem lies in something like the auto-complete text thingie that I need to trash, if only I could remember where it was. But there’s other reasons to upgrade too, so I’ll try that first and worry about other issues later.

As for the weekend, there wasn’t all that much excitement. I made the National Ammo Day run on Saturday, but that was about it. I’ll have a picture of my purchases sometime this week, but the total was pretty respectable.

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