18. November, 2005 - We’re Number Two!

Twice! Last night, Jim & I headed down to Keegan’s for some pub quiz (and a fair quantity of beer, too). In both the 6:30 and 8pm games, we finished second, earning us each a free drink (twice!). It was a pleasant end to a day that involved two trips to the hardware store and a lot of grunting and groaning as I moved my bed (and clothes and lamps and alarm clock and much other miscellany) into my new bedroom. But back to our near-domination. In the first game, the winners had 18 of 25 questions right. We were in a three-way tie for second with 15, but took it because we knew that Minnesota’s state bird is the Common Loon. That extra bit of pedantry paid off. Plus there were three other questions where we talked ourselves out of the correct answers. We coulda been contenders! In the second game, we lost by a single point, with two or three more questions that we might have been able to find the answer to if we hadn’t been flush with the after-effects of celebrating our first new win. Anyway, it was a fun time, but tipped the scales at around $60 for each of us (even with two free drinks each), so we probably won’t be repeating that performance too often. Nonetheless, Go Team Duh!

And as I mentioned above, I finally completed the bedroom transition I’ve been yammering on about forever. It felt weird going to sleep in a different room last night, but I like the fact that I’ve gotten that done. Today, I’m going to rearrange the boxes and furniture left in the old bedroom and make enough room that I can set up my trike and the trainer I bought last month so I can get some exercise over the winter. Wish me well, kiddies.

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