17. November, 2005 - chilly now

Okay, downright cold out there. Didn’t drop below zero, but we very nearly ran out of Fahrenheits last night. Between the cold and the wind that was gusting to over 50 mph, I didn’t have a big urge to get outside yesterday. In fact, I made two trips out. One was to refill the bird-feeders, since the critters need extra fuel in the cold weather too. The other was to head down to the Stone Arch Bridge to take a full-moon picture.

stone arch bridge - moon
stone arch bridge & moon

When I got down there, I was initially confused. The moon was supposed to have risen, but I didn’t see it. Turns out, it’s much farther north in the sky this month than last, and was hiding behind the buildings across the river. Once I figured out what was going on, I set up the tripod and clicked off a half-dozen pictures. This is the one I like best, though I wish I’d moved the tripod that last foot or two to get the moon centered in the power-pylon. But I think the trip was worth it. Already one person on Flickr has called this picture a favorite, which is gratifying.

I also pushed my new furniture around a bit in the bedroom. I was planning to move my bed in there yesterday, but one of the legs snapped off the vanity while I was moving it, so I spent some time repairing that instead. I also discovered that I need some power-strips or extension cords to get the electricity where I need it before I can set everything up, so that’ll be part of the plan for today. I had gotten used to the idea of being able to slowly nibble away at projects like this, but the other news from yesterday is that I now have an official start-date for a new job. I’ll be someone else’s employee, and I’m won’t have even a fraction of the free-time I currently do, so I’d better get this project completed.

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