16. November, 2005 - you call that snow?

So much for the threatened blizzard. It rained most of the evening last night, and finally changed over to snow about 7pm. But the ground was still warm enough that very little of the snow stuck, and most of the moisture came down as rain. Which froze. So yeah, it was a little treacherous out there, but hardly the huge blizzard we’d been warned about.

And yes, I was out driving in the mess. Tiffany and Jona were back in town and stopped by the Sporty, so I swung in there to see ’em. Good to see the gals, and they seem to be doing well now that they’ve both decided to leave Minneapolis and get their lives in order elsewhere. I’m not the only one who misses them, but it’s good to see them doing well, even if it’s not here.

a little snow
a little snow

Coming home, there were two spots where the Auto-4WD kicked in on my truck. The first was pulling away from an intersection where braking cars had polished the ice on the street to a near post-zamboni skating-rink sheen, and the second was right in front of my garage. There’s a little hump to get into the garage, and I needed the front wheels to help pull the rear ones over the hump. But as I said before, hardly the world-ending blizzard the TV stations had warned us about. Heck, I don’t think I’m even going to bother trying to shovel away the ice and snow on the sidewalk.

I don’t find it surprising anymore that people ignore warnings to evacuate because a hurricane is coming or there’s going to be a flood. If I’d heeded the TV weathermen, I would have spent thousands on arctic survival gear for yesterday. As it turned out, my leather jacket was plenty warm as long as I was out of the wind, and tennis shoes were still very appropriate footwear. Probably didn’t hurt that I’ve got fifty-some pounds of flesh-parka to insulate me, but still, the sheer quantity of doom and gloom on the TV on Monday night was just silly. I’d be more surprised if people didn’t ignore such warnings. Plus I’m kinda pissed we didn’t even get the two inches that was the minimum forecast. I was ready for some snow, and this is just disappointing.

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