15. November, 2005 - feeling better

So after sleeping most of yesterday morning and part of the afternoon away, I’m feeling better. Maybe it’s only temporary, but we’ll see. There’s supposed to be snow this evening and tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably get a chance to shovel off my spiffy new sidewalk tomorrow. Maybe it’s the illness making me goofy, but I’m kinda looking forward to it.

With the arrival of this first snow (which probably won’t last), it’s really starting to feel like winter. I’ve moved the due dates on all remaining “outside projects” to next spring, and it’s time to concentrate on things inside the house. But tonight or tomorrow is also the full moon, and I had hoped to get out to the Stone Arch Bridge to catch another full moon photo, but with the bridge lit up and no people in the way. It’s not looking like the weather is going to cooperate, though. Dangit.

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