11. November, 2005 - veterans day

Is it a holiday today or not? Well, if you’re a politician, a banker or a mailman, it is. Otherwise, not so much. But hey, it’s an inconvenient month for two holidays, so let’s just have the one where everyone gorges themselves and then goes to the mall to fill up their credit cards.

It’s officially “that time of year.” I stopped by Target, needing to pick up a few groceries and other sundries, and couldn’t avoid the Christmas decorations. I know the layout of the target store I shop at pretty darned well, and usually can weave my way through the minefields of plastic santas and fake trees, but they’ve been moving things around on me this past year, and that included some of the decorations. Plus I’ve been seeing Christmas trees in the ads I zip past on my TiVo. We’re still six weeks away from Christmas, and I’m already starting to be annoyed by the stores pimping it at me. I think this means it’s time to avoid retail as much as possible until January, but damnit, it’s getting tougher every year as they extend “the season.” And to top it off, I’m sure google will decide this post is going to attract people who want to start shopping now, so there will be ads for “holiday crap” over there on the right. [reloads] Yep. Crap.

But hey, I’m not entirely grouchy. In fact, I’ve got an extra-large order of links for you today, so knock yourself out.

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