10. November, 2005 - first hard frost?

Got cold enough overnight that the frost might have finally killed the plants still growing outside. But today’s supposed to be warmer, and the big wind that started Tuesday night has blown itself out. Seems like a perfect couple days to wrap up the last of the outside work around the house.

Yesterday, in a prep-run for National Ammo Day, I made a run up to Cabela’s in Rogers. Man. That’s a huge store. No, really. Huge! Their prices were pretty good, too. I got about half of my needs for my winter target-shooting out of the way, and I’ll probably find a friend who wants to head up there on the 19th (mark your calendar, Bill). Last year, National Ammo Day meant about ten million rounds of ammuntion bought around the country.

On the way home, I drove back on the “old highway” which took me through Brooklyn Center, where I went to elementary school. The old school is still there, but the playground that had the spaceship/slide that I dug as a kid is gone. Bummage. Both of the apartments my mom & I lived in during those years are still there, but the shopping center across the street from the first one (where I bought my first model planes and cars and the glue that would get you high if you forgot to open the window and they made you bring a parent the first time you bought it) has been levelled recently. The construction equipment was out pushing around dirt. The doctor’s office (where I got my allergy shots every two weeks) just up the block from that first apartment is now a Baptist Church. And there’s a “new” Korean church right next to the elementary school. I was surprised when I saw the Hangul lettering, since I didn’t know that there were that many Koreans here in the Twin Cities.

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